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THE USE OF DICTOGLOSS TEACHING STRATEGY TO IMPROVE STUDENTS’ ENGLISH ACHIEVEMENT (A Classroom Action Research of The First Year of MAN Tengaran, Semarang in The Academic Year of 2010/2011)
Tahun 2011
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Keywords: Dictogloss teaching strategy, language skills, English achievement. This research is conducted to describe the implementation of English teaching to the first year of MAN Tengaran Semarang and the result of teaching English by using dictogloss teaching strategy, which is taken as a result of reflection on phenomena done by the writer, and it arises from some specific problems of issues. In this research the writer faces some problems, such as the students have low motivation in joining teaching-learning process and they are got the difficulties in mastering the language skills, grammar and tenses as requirements needed to get the good English achievement. In addition, some of English teachers felt difficult to find the best method or strategy to teach these language skills. Here, the writer chooses the dictogloss teaching strategy to teach. The research method used is action research, it is conducted in three cycles. Each cycle is conducted in two meetings. Each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The data are taken from the event, documents and informants. The result of the research shows that the way to improve English student achievement is by increasing their language skills and grammar mastery using dictogloss teaching strategy where the students can do more exercises in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, which indirectly also increase their comprehension in grammar and tenses, and the result of post-test is better than in pre-test. The mean score of pretest 49,17 to 63,48 in posttest cycle I, the mean score of pretest 65,74 to 72,65 in posttest cycle II, and the mean score of pretest 66,39 to 80,43 in posttest cycle III. The percentages of exhaustiveness of each cycle also show the improvement, with 13% to 43% in first cycle, 34% to 87% in second cycle and 39% to 96% in the last cycle. Here, the writer suggest to the teachers especially English teachers to be more sensitive with student’s needs, so they can enjoy more the learning process and get the maximum result especially achievement in learning English. The researcher also concludes that teaching English through dictogloss teaching strategy can improve English student achievement in the first year of MAN Tengaran in the academic year of 2010/2011.